Wear and tear of teeth are quite common due to various factors. Many of us do not make it a point to visit a dental clinic for teeth cleaning and assessments. This negligence has led to several patients suffering from severe teeth discoloration and cavities. The best way to avoid these conditions is to visit your dentist for regular dental consultations and teeth cleanings, as well as have a customized treatment plan to treat the condition at its roots.What are the causes of tooth discoloration?There are several factors that can lead to tooth discoloration, such as:Excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages: Certain colored foods and drinks can stain the teeth, especially when they are consumed excessively. Some of them are red wine, tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. Smoking: This is perhaps one of the most common causes of tooth discoloration. When you smoke cigarettes or consume tobacco in any other form, the microbes in the mouth can release a yellowish-brown substance that stains the teeth.Improper brushing: Brushing the teeth in the wrong way can lead to the accumulation of tartar on them, which can be quite hard to remove. Over time, this leads to yellowish staining on the teeth.Irregular dental visits: Missing regular dental consultations at a dental clinic can allow the microbes in the mouth to release harmful substances into the mouth, which cause staining.High consumption of certain foods: Some foods can have a high acidic content, such as citrus fruits, raisins, pickles, etc., which could cause staining when consumed in high amounts.What is the treatment procedure?The treatment procedure for tooth discoloration is quite simple and wouldn’t cause any discomfort or side effects. Some of them are as follows:Scaling: This procedure helps to remove the tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth. It would preferably be done under anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain while we perform it. After this, we would suggest suitable oral cleaning solutions and suggest regular dental consultations to get optimum results.Dental Crowns: Crowns can be fabricated from several materials such as ceramic, metal, composite resin, etc. They help to cover up the discolored tooth and restore its functionality. This treatment will help you get rid of your embarrassment but also bring back your smile to normalcy.Fillings: The dentist will remove a small amount of tooth structure while filling up cavities by placing a filling made from ceramic or composite resin on them. The filling would be highly durable and long-lasting, allowing you maintain optimal oral health for many years to come.Please schedule an appointment online or call us at (501) 769-9008 to have a consultation with our dentists, and we will be happy to help.


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