What Can You Do to Help Ease Toothache?

What Can You Do to Help Ease Toothache?

Toothache or tooth pain is a concern that needs an immediate solution. The level of pain experienced by the person causes discomfort, making it important to know remedies that can give quick relief. 

Quick Remedies

  • Place a Cold Compress

The most advised method to relieve toothache is to place a cold compress of ice on the area of pain. This helps to reduce the swelling and alleviates the discomfort. Ice signals the brain to stop the pain signals. It is advised to place a piece of cloth in between the skin and the compress to not cause damage to the skin. 

  • Rinse the Mouth with Salt Water

Salt is an ingredient that heals any wound in the mouth. Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water is beneficial in so many ways. It reduces the inflammation and promotes temporary relief to the patient. It also helps to clean the infections in the mouth. 

  • Rinse the mouth with a Mouth Wash

Mouthwashes contain anti-inflammatory ingredients which help to sterlize the wounds in the mouth. Rinsing the mouth with it helps to remove the bacteria in the mouth.

  • Use of Clove Oil

Clove oil is considered a natural remedy for toothache. It is applied directly to the tooth that pains with the help of a cotton ball. It slowly numbs the pain and provides relief to the patient. 

  • Over the counter medication

The dentists prescribe over-the-counter medications that are effective in alleviating the pain and discomfort experienced by the patient. They can consume it as per the advice of the dentist. 

  • Visit the Dentist

An experienced dentist can help you find the potential cause of the toothache. They perform a regular dental checkup to analyze the dental condition. If necessary, the X-Rays of the mouth are obtained to receive a better insight into the patient’s dental health.

Consulting the dentist at the earliest can help diagnose and relieve the pain. It also helps to avoid the pain from advancing further and causing dental damages.  

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