The Connection Between Stress and Oral Health

The Connection Between Stress and Oral Health

Stress affects our entire body, including our oral health. Stress can increase your risk of gum disease, dry mouth, and bruxism. Stress can also cause you to grind or clench your teeth, which in turn can lead to tooth damage.

Different Types of Stress

Types of stress that can harm your oral health include both physical and emotional stress. Physical stress can come from injuries, accidents, or illnesses that affect the body. Emotional stress can come from difficult situations such as divorce, a death in the family, or job loss. These types of situations may cause people to react differently to pain, which in turn can result in an increase in tooth sensitivity. These changes often don’t happen right away, so people often don’t realize that their oral health is suffering until they start feeling pain from eating or drinking hot or cold beverages.

Some individuals may experience more severe symptoms, which may include dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, gum recession, dry mouth, or teeth grinding. These issues may need to be treated before they cause lasting damage to your teeth. If you suspect that you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should visit your dentist for an examination as soon as possible. They can work with you to develop a treatment plan that will improve your overall health and wellness.

How Stress Affects Oral Health

Your teeth have a direct connection to the rest of your body. When you feel stressed, the hormones in your body kick into overdrive, causing a variety of changes to your body. One of these changes is an increase in the amount of cortisol that is released into the body. This hormone sends a signal to the cells in your saliva glands to produce more saliva. This extra amount of saliva creates the perfect conditions for cavity-causing bacteria to thrive in your mouth. You may also notice that you are more likely to grind your teeth and have tension headaches when you are under stress. These symptoms can all lead to additional dental health problems. If you are feeling stressed out, try deep breathing or meditation to reduce your stress levels. You should also make an appointment with your dentist for a checkup and cleaning. This way, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to keep your smile healthy.

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