Get a Brilliant Smile This New Year With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Get a Brilliant Smile This New Year With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the process of rebuilding and restoring all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. This can involve the use of crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, and dentures. This procedure can help patients get a smile that looks and feels beautiful.

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a procedure used to treat a number of oral issues in a single appointment, such as missing teeth or gum disease. It differs from other treatments because it can combine several restorative dental procedures to produce comprehensive results. For example, a crown on a tooth can also replace a large filling that was once there. Replacing one tooth with a dental implant and dental crown can restore both form and function to the missing tooth as well as the surrounding teeth.

A patient who undergoes a full mouth restoration will experience dramatic improvements to their smile. The appearance of their teeth will be improved, and their bite function can also be restored. However, some patients may experience some soreness following the treatment, but this will subside after a few days.

During the consultation process, your dentist will be able to go over the details of the full mouth reconstruction with you in greater detail. They will also be able to recommend a treatment plan that will address your specific needs and desires for a beautiful smile! Some common procedures that are used in full mouth reconstruction include dental implants to replace missing or damaged teeth, dental crowns to rebuild damaged teeth and cover imperfections, inlays and onlays to repair or replace damaged or decayed tooth surfaces, Invisalign to correct crooked or misaligned teeth, and more. During your initial consultation at our office, we can develop a customized treatment plan that best suits your unique needs and preferences.

What Are the Advantages of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Having all your teeth replaced with full mouth reconstruction has several benefits in comparison to having only one or a few teeth restored with crowns, bridges, or dental implants. Here are just a few advantages of full mouth reconstruction:

  • The shape of your jawbone is preserved as dentures and partials cause bone loss through demineralization.
  • Your bite is restored to prevent overbite or underbite, which can cause jaw pain by putting pressure on nerves.
  • You can chew your food properly without pain or discomfort.
  • You speak more clearly with a full denture than with a partial denture because you’re able to articulate better.
  • There’s no irritation caused by a partial denture rubbing on the gums, which can happen if the replacement teeth are too tall.

For all these reasons and more, it’s good to visit your dentist for a consultation on full mouth reconstruction if you have any missing teeth and would like to avoid future problems. You can also learn about other restorative dental procedures and how they can improve your smile.

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